Preventive Electrical Maintenance Keeps Catastrophes Away

Imagine operating a hotel on a busy weekend, and all of the sudden you have to tell your guests to leave.
Actually, you probably don’t want to imagine that.

Because not only would that cost your business substantial amounts of money, but word of evacuation would quickly spread, damaging your reputation in a competitive commercial field. This is why we emphasize the importance of preventive electrical maintenance, which allows us to detect small problems before they spark much greater ones.

At Martin Properties, for instance, we regularly conduct thermographic studies using infrared thermal cameras. Those cameras detect heat, converting them into electronic signals, which are then processed to produce a thermal image. So, even in the dark, we can detect and repair electrical problems like overheating, which can be a sign of loose or corroded connections that end a hotel stay in a hurry.

Thoma’s industrial electrical service stands out from others because we have a team of technicians who focus on maintenance and preventative service for our commercial clients. Hotels obviously require a fair amount of upkeep, and we’re proud to say we’ve performed some maintenance or troubleshooting at more than half of the hotels across the Central Coast over the past 30 years.

At Martin Resorts, a long-time partner, we have also participated in remodels of Pismo Lighthouse Suites and the Shore Cliff Inn, and we have radically improved WiFi coverage at all of their properties. So we not only prevent bad things from happening – we also make things better!