Experts Continue Their Studies at “Thoma University”

When an electrician from Thoma Electric visits your business, you’re looking at a technician who has received formal training and years of experience.

NECA together with the IBEW sponsor one of the best electrical vocational programs in the USA. In this program electrical apprentices receive 8,000 hours of on the job training and spend 1,200 hours in the classroom during a 5-year program and work with various contractors learning new experiences. During their training, they must maintain a minimum 70 percent homework and test score level, and they receive monthly evaluation reports to gauge their work ethic, punctuality, dress, attitude, aptitude for the work and ability to get along with others.

Apprentices must also pass the State Certification Test and become licensed when they become journeymen.

Having formed bonds with our team, many of our employees have been with us since their apprenticeship program.  While the Thoma Electric name reflects that we are a family-owned business, you don’t have to be a Thoma to be part of our family. And technicians who remain with us continue their training at “Thoma University,” as our electricians are constantly trained on the ever-changing technologies in the building industry be it electrical wiring, Lighting and controls Network cabling, solar, or any other electrical work.

It’s a tough process, but it’s important that our clients get the best quality work. And when technicians have a stake in the company, they have a stake in our clients.